Thursday, November 8, 2012

Single Review - Dale Goodridge - Swimming After Dark

Dale Goodridge | Swimming After Dark by Dale Goodridge

So, someone follows you on Twitter, meh. But if his bio includes the phrase "Purveyor of Fine Music, Potions and Elixirs!" you suddenly feel like you've made a friend. Thus, the stalking begins. Turns out this Dale Goodridge dude's an Australian singer-songwriter who's just released a single by the name of 'Swimming After Dark' and it's pretty catchy.
Listening into it, the heavy, Radiohead-like feel is quite alluring. The only negative things I'd say are that the drums and lead vocals can at times sound pretty laboured, and that I think I disagree with the decision to have the lead vocal line doubled-up for a lot of it. However, as a solo effort it ain't half bad. I particularly like the harmonies in the interlude, no matter how random an interruption it seems a first.
There is definitely an inspiring dedication to his craft going on with this guy, and some very clean recordings of guitar, bass (beautiful tone) and vocals too, so I'm glad I checked him out because this song is one of a multitude that are worth a listen.

Music Like This:

  • Radiohead - the vocals and organ'y bits are reminiscent of some of the stuff on In Rainbows.
  • Gotye - I don't know why exactly, but I'm feeling the experimental bit in the middle, and the brass and stuff.
  • Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - similar principle only with a band. Kinda similar sound too, if you changed the singer.

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